Flood Hazard Awareness

by | Jul 12, 2021

The City of Friendswood is dedicated to minimizing the loss of life and property that is associated with flooding events.  Since you own or live on a property that is subject to flooding and flood hazards, you are at an increased risk of flooding.  make sure you are knowledgeable on how to protect yourself and your property before the next flood.

  • Purchase a flood insurance policy and maintain coverage on your structure. Basic homeowner's insurance does not cover damage from floods. Remember, there's a 30 day waiting period before a policy takes effect. For more information about flood insurance, such as types of policies and coverage limits, contact your insurance provider.
  • Don't dump in the storm drains. They drain to Galveston Bay. City ordinance prohibits dumping or discharging of any pollutant into the storm drainage system. Report debris and stream dumping to the City's Stormwater Management Department at 281-996-3205.
  • Build responsibly. Contact the City's Floodplain Management Office for advice before you construct or place anything in the floodplain. Hire only contractors that are licensed with the City to ensure the proper regulations are followed. A ny development in the floodplain without a permit is illegal, and such activity should be reported to the Building Department at 281-996-3201. Citizens can contact the Floodplain Management Office to obtain information such as Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) flood zone and floodway locations, flood problems not shown on the FIRM, and areas of historical flooding. Copies of elevation certificates and site-specific dta are located at 910 South Friendswood Drive and are available upon request.
  • Protect your home. Consider some permanent flood protection measures such as marking your fuse or breaker box indicating the circuits to the floodable areas and elevating equipment such as the hot water heater to above the base flood elevation.  Protect your home's foundation from flooding by making sure your downspouts drain away from your house.  Check with the Floodplain Management Office on the extent of past flooding in your area.  Department staff can tell you about hte causes of repetitive flooding, what the City is doing about it, and what would be an appropriate flood protection level.  City staff can also provide advice on how to correct drainage issues, information on grant opportunities in order to elevate your home, and other flood protection assistance, including sources for financial assistance.  Call 281996-3312 for more information or to request a site visit.
  • Prepare a family evacuation plan and make an emergency supply kit for your home. Register with the Community Emergency Notification System (sign up at https://www.ci.friendswood.tx.us/cns) to receive emergency information from the City. You can also follow the City of Friendswood on Facebook and Twitter to see weather-related information issued by the National Weather Service.

For more information on flood protection, visit the City of Friendswood website at https://www.ci.friendswood.tx.us.