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Vouchers to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste

Friendswood residents can take advantage of the City of Pearland's Stella Roberts Recycling facility to properly dispose of Household Hazardous Waste.  Prior to taking the waste products to the recycling facility, located at 5800 Magnolia in Pearland, a voucher must be purchased at Pearland's Recreation Center, located at 4141 Bailey Road.  Vouchers cost $85 and are good for 100 pounds of HHW disposal.

Household hazardous waste products include the following items:

  • Flammable and combustibles ~ liquid and solid
  • Poison - liquid and solid
  • Corrosives - acids and bases
  • Oxidizers - pool chemicals
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Nickel Cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, mercury batteries
  • Motor oil, cooking oil
  • Car fluids
  • Latex paint, Oil based paint

For more information on Pearland's HHW program, Friendswood residents can call the City of Pearland at 281-489-2795, visit the City of Pearland's website at, or contact the City of Friendswood at 281-996-3255.

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