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Lawn Maintenance

After the harsh drought of 2011, weeds became more visible in our lawns when they stopped growing during our mild winter.  The best way to remove large weeks is to dig them out with their roots, and mow before the weeds seed and sprout.  A post-emergent product that targets dandelions won't harm St. Augustine grass.  Try to avoid weed-and-feed products with atrizine, as it can contaminate ground water, and may harm shrubs and tree roots.  Aerate your lawn so oxygen and water can penetrate the soil for a stronger turf.  Remove heavy thatch.  Use a slow release fertilizer after the grass has greened and begins to grow.  Water slowly and deeply as needed.  Mow no lower than 2-3 inches (3 is best) so grass blades can shade soil, discourage week seed germination, and conserve soil moisture.

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