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FPD Tip of the Week


The Friendswood Police Department continues to investigate burglaries in which thieves are knocking on the door, during the day, to check to see if anyone is home before breaking in.  On May 15, police received a door-knock incident and a front door burglary on the same street. Here is how it happened.  A young man walks up to the front door and knocks and rings the doorbell.  Once he has determined that no one is home, he gets in the front door and his buddies join him and take off with the loot.  How do you prevent this type of burglary?  An alarm system, a big dog, surveillance video! 

In this day and age, no one comes and visits unexpectedly.  We know when we are expecting company.  If you get a knock at the door and you don’t recognize the person and he or she doesn’t have a city-issued solicitor identification badge, call police to investigate the suspicious activity.

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